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Halloween 2011

Once again there  is a lot of joy in our house. Two  beautiful puppies were born - a pair, a tiny girl and a real sturdy boy.  For more click here.

A very Merry Christmas to all

Cleopatra has given birth to one tiny puppy after a long break.  For more click here.



Dear visitors

Due to the fact that mass reproduction of the Maltese dog breed has become so wide-spread we feel it’s worth mentioning a few words here.

We receive many emails from people who have been misled by puppy factories and re-sellers into believing they are taking home a purebred healthy puppy. They are now having to face the hard truth that what they actually brought home is a cross breed which has nothing in common with the Maltese except color or worst of all, is a very sick dog.

Under mass production conditions, hardly any care is given to the females or puppies. They are kept under atrocious conditions with very little food and no proper veterinary care. It is because of this, that these “producers’’ can afford to sell the poor puppies for a very low price like potato’s at a flee- market
An upsetting advertisement circulated on the local server about one week ago.
An advertiser advertised miniature Maltese puppies for sale. She wrote that frequent breeding of the female ensures smaller puppies with each litter. One can only imagine what her poor females must endure.
Yet, there are people out there that actually buy from these factories and re-sellers believing that they are getting a great bargain.

There are many, many cruel, heartless liars out there that will sell anything just to make a profit with no consideration to who they hurt in the process. These people outnumber the trustworthy breeders whether they breed registered puppies or not, who are truly dedicated and take great care of their dogs.

Please be aware, collect as much information about the breed beforehand and verify, check and re-check the seller and the environment the puppy comes from.

If you or someone you know has had a bad experience with purchasing a Maltese puppy in the past, we will be very happy to hear our story.

Easter 2011




Well wishes from our friends